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This Fall has been an exciting time in the equipment market. The companies that we work with continue to show and bring innovative products to the market. Ag Leader, Precision Planting, and 360 Yield Center have some new releases for Spring of 2021.

Introduced November 2020, Ag Leader is bringing two new autosteer systems to the market. SteerCommand Z2, and SteadySteerTM. These two systems have been built from the ground up and utilize the InCommand display line from Ag Leader.

The SteerCommand Z2 is a fully integrated hydraulic

autosteer system that brings high performance and high accuracy options for growers when using the existing GPS 6500 or GPS 7500.

The SteadySteerTM is a motorized assisted steering system that combines ease of mobility and high performance in the field. It allows an economical entry into the guidance that you can build into the growth of an operation across many different vehicle platforms.

Fully released for Spring 2021 is another high-speed seed delivery option for planters, Ag Leader SureSpeed.

SureSpeed is a belt type seedtube delivery system that shows high performance (up to 12 mph) without giving up accuracy. Combining Ag Leader’s hydraulic downforce system (SureForce) with SureSpeed brings efficiency, accuracy, performance, and low maintenance all into one package.

FurrowForce was a limited release Spring of 2020 but is a full release for 2021. Bringing attention to properly closing the furrow with the 2-stage closing system. First squeezing the side wall of the seed furrow, then gently packing the furrow to gain seed to soil contact for germination. FurrowForce allows either manual or automatic pressure adjustment of the closing wheels. The list of compatible planters has grown in 2021 to include Case IH 12xx and 2150 series, Harvest International, John Deere 17xx series, Kinze 3000, and White 9000.

SmartDepth – Limited released for Spring of 2021. SmartDepth is an automated depth control system for the row unit. It accurately sets the depth of every row on the planter to the same level. We encourage you to check your planter row units to see how consistent your disk opener depth is. SmartDepth works with the SmartFirmer’s soil furrow moisture measurement help make sure the seed is planted in soil moisture without sacrificing seed emergence because it was set too deep.

The 360WAVE is a product that helps on two fronts. First, it creates a wave of moist soil that rolls over the seed to simplify the job of the closing wheels and second, it positions starter fertilizer 3/4" to the right of the seed trench and below the seed.

The 360 WAVE mounts to the rear of the planter row-unit shank. This simplifies installation and ensures alignment with the double-disk openers. The 360 WAVE blade swivels to follow the seed trench on curves but includes a stop to limit travel so the blade never places starter in the seed trench. The blade is spring loaded so that it can react to rocks and obstructions without becoming bent or misaligned. Spring-loaded to move up and over obstacles to prevent damage, lower down force demands and maintain depth.

360 DASH applies liquid fertilizer in a concentrated dash over the seed. Eliminating the less efficient starter between seeds - gaining the full benefit of the starter but with a fraction of the cost. The 360 DASH valve can be used with a variety of starter application tools including the 360 WAVE and most Keeton Seed Firmers. Set up and control settings are simplified via the 360 DASH App on your iPad. You set the length of the "dash" and its position - on, between or next to the seed. Currently it works best with Precision Planting 2020 and John Deere ExactEmerge systems.

Interested in seeing if these new products fit for you and your operations? Call our Site Specific Ag team today to see if there's any rebates or specials today!

Kevin Rozenboom: 712-441-3453 | Scott De Jong: 712-229-2968 | Cody Van Drie: 712-348-4064