New Seed Treatment Options for 2024

FCS will have a new seed treatment option targeting soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) for spring of 2024 with addition of Ilevo from BASF. 

New and Effective Tool for Managing SCN

A relatively new tool for SCN management is the addition of Ilevo seed treatment. This treatment is highly effective at protecting the plant from SCN damage and can be effective at assisting with SDS challenges as well. 

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FCS Custom Treatment Options for 2024


Warden CX II is our base treatment that contains multiple fungicides along with insect pest control. Warden CX II provides a solid foundation of multi species disease pest control as well as protection against early season insects including overwintering bean leaf beetle as well as soybean aphids.

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White Mold

Heads Up is a seed treatment option for additional management for White Mold. This treatment in addition to variety choice and management can help create a multifaceted approach to White Mold control. 

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Enhancing Nitrogen Fixation

Preside Ultra is the soybean inoculant that FCS utilizes. Soybean inoculants add additional live bacteria to the soybean field to enhance nodulation of the plant which is important for the soybean plant to fix nitrogen from the air to feed the plant. 

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Biological Plant Food

Phycoterra ST is new biological option as a seed treatment that mainly plays a role in providing additional early season plant food sources for the young soybean plant. 

Contact your local FCS agronomist to discuss the seed treatment options that best fit your fields.