Profitable Carbon Programs and New Sustainability Opportunities

SIOUX CENTER, IA— Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) is bringing access to the 2022 Truterra™ carbon offering, on the heels of high farmer interest and participation in Truterra’s inaugural carbon program launched in February 2021. The 2022 Truterra carbon program and carbon market access program provide farmers an additional opportunity to get rewarded for their stewardship and were designed to make the process as streamlined and seamless for farmers as possible. There are no administrative costs, such as soil testing and verification costs, for farmers to participate.

“Partnering with TruTerra allows us to give our producers the ability to protect their farm’s future with sustainability practices but also gives them a real-time return on investment. It’s is a win-win. FCS is committed to leading our producers with innovation and Trueterra is going to be a key player in the future of agriculture.” said John McDaniel, CEO of Farmers Cooperative Society.

The Truterra carbon programs now available through Farmers Coop Society offer two distinct pathways for farmers to get rewarded for their stewardship. The first pathway, the 2022 Truterra carbon program, is designed for farmers who have recently adopted soil health management practices that store additional carbon in their soils, such as significant reductions in tillage and the addition of cover crops. Farmers may be eligible to receive $20 per ton of additional carbon stored. The eligible cropping systems include corn, soybeans, wheat, or cotton as part of farmers’ crop rotations. 

The second pathway, the 2022 Truterra carbon market access program, is designed to be an on-ramp for farmers just getting started with regenerative practices and rewards farmers for taking the first step toward improving soil health in preparation to potentially market their carbon next year. Participating farmers may be eligible to receive a one-time payment of $2 per acre for eligible practice change in crop year 2022. Participating farmers will maintain ownership of their carbon rights in current and future years and are not required to make a long-term commitment. Importantly, at the end of crop year, 2022 farmers may be eligible to receive an offer from Truterra for carbon removed through these practices in 2023 and beyond. 

The Truterra carbon program and carbon market access program offered through Farmers Coops Society is one of the largest carbon credit programs in the US and represents unparalleled speed to market from program enrollment to farmer payments. The programs focus on generating the industry’s most attractive farmer return per acre and providing the most farmer-favorable contract opportunity in the crowded carbon marketplace.

For more information about the 2022 carbon program and how to get involved, click here or contact Jeff Koops our Sustainability and Nutrient Management Specialist.