Reducing Your Nitrogen Applications Could Save You BIG!

Recently the Iowa Soybean Association (ISB) completed a study with 20 Iowa farmers that discovered that farmers could save millions of dollars in input costs by reducing their nitrogen application rate. 

"Completed during the 2018 cropping season, the study found that the overall nitrogen- per-acre target among the 20 participants for corn following soybeans averaged 173.65 pounds of nitrogen per acre. This is 40.65 pounds per acre more than the Maximum Return to Nitrogen Rate (MRTN) referenced in the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and 33.65 pounds per acre over the current updated online MRTN calculator."

"Based on these results, by reducing nitrogen application to the MRTN could save Iowa farmers between $59 million and $98.5 million dollars."

"ISA Director of Agronomy Scott Nelson said the study shows there is room for improvement when it comes to nitrogen use. “Rates of application for nitrogen are important, both for optimizing farm input investments and for minimizing nitrate runoff into waterways,” Nelson said."

One way to keep your nitrogen applications low is by planting cover crops. Cover crops also provide other soil health benefits, besides helping crop and water quality. To find the right cover crop option for you or if you have any other questions on nitrogen application please contact your local agronomist.

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