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As I reflect on more than twenty years as a Site Specific Ag Specialist I think about where it all started - a yield monitor and GPS in a combine. We took those monitors out of the combine and into the tractor to record data. Today auto steer and planter technology have planters traveling at 10 to 12 mph. It is amazing how quickly crops are planted. Who would have thought things could come so far, and can we imagine where it will go tomorrow?

Today we have functionality for planters that include precision meters, electric drives, row clutches, hydraulic downforce, automatic depth control, automatic closing systems, speedtube, smartfirmers, and furrow monitoring. We offer monitors that run planters with this type of technology that offer more metrics and information than ever before with row-by-row detail.

Last fall, Ag Leader® introduced their own auto steer products, which have proven reliable this spring season. Trimble® has come out with new displays that are easy to use. Creating and saving guidance patterns by farm and field has never been easier.

What technology do you need? Can we help improve your farming operation? It is important that equipment either increase yield or offer an operational efficiency. Most farmers are doing things right and getting good yields, so what new technology could help improve your farming operation?

At Farmers Coop Society Site Specific Ag Department, we service and sell equipment from four different companies: Ag Leader®, Precision Planting®, 360 Yield Center®, and Trimble®. We have equipment solutions that will help your operation be more efficient and pro table. We have a dedicated team willing and ready to help you sort through which precision ag technologies may work best for your farming operation.

During the summer months, each company we work with offers discounts or rebates on qualifying products. This time frame is traditionally when the best pricing is available for these products. COVID has created shortages in components and supply chain disruptions, and this has created delays in availability of equipment since the beginning of the year. These delays and disruptions are expected to continue into next year. As a result, we are encouraging customers who may want to purchase new equipment for next year to do so this summer.