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Please beware that if your farm is located in the Floyd River Watershed, you may be eligible for conservation financial assistance through the Regional Conversation Partnership Program (RCPP).

A pool of Federal money is dedicated to Floyd River farmers and landowners who implement practices to conserve and improve our local soil and water resources. Our local RCPP project, the Floyd River Quality Partnership, runs through the end of 2026.

Eligible practices include: cover crops, no-till, prescribed grazing, forage and biomass planting, terraces, denitrifying bioreactor, waste storage facility, fencing (with prescribed grazing), saturated buffer, constructed wetland, nutrient management strip trials, and grade stabilization structures.

Call your local NRCS office to apply or schedule an appointment. The first round of applications are due by April 8.

O'Brien County NRCS Office - 712-757-3835, x3

Plymouth County NRCS Office - 712-546-4178, x3

Sioux County NRCS Office - 712-737-2253, x3

Osceola County NRCS Office - 712-754-2111, x3