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When you think of Little Rock, their Annual Corn Show comes to mind. However, the small town of Little Rock has a lot more to offer. Our Little Rock location has seven grain bins, a fertilizer shed, a chemical shed, a seed shed, an equipment/truck shop, and a feed storage shed. They have six full-time and four part-time employees.

Jessica Postma, our Little Rock Office Manager, has been working at Farmers Coop Society since 2016. Not only does she manage the scale and help with agronomy billing, but she also helps our grain marketing team. Jessica loves to help our growers find the right grain marketing contract that works for their operation. If you are new to grain marketing and are used to putting in cash offers but would like to explore marketing your grain, she suggests these two options to get started. First, sell your grain before harvest. Second, put in a cash offer where you quote the price and bushels and set the expiration date. These are two easy ways to start strategically marketing your grain.

When it comes to grain, Little Rock has over 3.1 million bushels of grain storage. Last summer, Farmers Coop Society upgraded the grain operations by adding a new dump pit and leg. Little Rock customers have appreciated the upgrade, offering the ability to unload a truck at 20,000 bushels per hour. During harvest, farmers may have waited for several hours to unload. Now, the wait time is down to around 15 minutes.

Steve Winter, Little Rock Location Manager, has been with Farmers Coop Society for two years. He began his career as an applicator and has worked his way up to Location Manager. Steve has a passion for working outdoors
and loves the day-to-day challenges he encounters. He also enjoys working with the growers to help them grow their crops, sustain our way of life and shape our future.

Farmers Coop Society also offers a full-service agronomy operation out of Little Rock. Our applicator based out of this location, Chris Slagter, runs spring, summer, and fall applications. We have a three-wheel terregator for the spring and late fall, a John Deere® sprayer, and an anhydrous toolbar. Shane Kleinwolterink is our Agronomist in Little Rock. He grew up in Boyden and has been around agriculture his whole life. He has been serving the customers at this location since 2015. He really enjoys sitting down one-on-one with the local growers and creating a plan that is specific to that grower. Shane will be able to help you decide what you need and what you don’t. Today, Shane is making sure his customers have the correct fungicide for their operations. He’s also talking about the different cover crop options we provide with our Hagie.

When walking around this facility and talking to everyone, you can easily see why people love this location. The employees here truly care about their customers and enjoy working with them. You see that in the little things, like the way Jessica often has a special snack for morning coffee time, or how customers are greeted by name. Stop by sometime and see what makes Little Rock special!