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What is RightSpot?

RightSpot is Ag Leader’s PWM spray system that can be outfitted to your existing sprayer. It is run by the InCommand 1200 display.

What is a “PWM” spray system? PWM stands for “pulse width modulation”, but these systems are more commonly referred to as a “nozzle pulsing” systems. A sprayer that is equipped with this type of pulsing technology can have significant advantages over a conventional sprayer.

Advantages of Ag Leader’s RightSpot

With a pulsing system like RightSpot, there are multiple benefits it can bring your operation:

▶ First and foremost, your spray target rate and pressure will no longer be tied together. With a conventional sprayer, you are locked into a speed range in order to hit your target rate and pressure (or droplet size). Of course though, that target speed will not always be kept, in order to slow down for obstacles, terrain changes, turns, etc. This then effects your overall pressure, droplet size, and chemical efficacy. With RightSpot, the operator can simply SET the target rate and SET the target pressure. This will allow for a MUCH broader speed range allowing the operator to run without having to compromise spray performance.
▶ With a pulsing system, a device will need to be added to each nozzle body on a sprayer. By doing so, that device can turn sections on and off based on GPS coverage and boundaries. Most sprayers can do this now, but the sections are large. With RightSpot, the sections are the size of the sprayer’s nozzle spacing. In oddly shaped fields, having these small sections turn on/off can really add up in product savings!
▶ Again, by having a device on every nozzle body, they can actually vary the rate when you need to make a tight turn in a field while spraying. This feature is called Turn Compensation. Driving a turn with a conventional sprayer, you will always be under-applying on the outside of the boom, and over-applying on the inside of the boom. However with RightSpot, the target rate will always be achieved!

Why the InCommand 1200 and RightSpot?

Not all growers that have their own sprayer will want to jump right into a system such as RightSpot. However, your FCS Precision Ag Team can help show you an economic path forward.

So what does that look like?

▶ First off, anyone that has, or is thinking about purchasing an InCommand 1200 display, can start out with a DirectCommand L2 system. Which would be used for conventional rate control and AutoSwath for a sprayer.
▶ Next, a grower could then make the jump to RightSpot. The L2 system is required for RightSpot. Since L2 would already be installed, the cost to add-on RightSpot would be lessened.
▶ Then in the future, BoomLoop can also be added. RightSpot is required for BoomLoop. So yet again, the add-on cost for just BoomLoop would be lessened compared to purchasing all of the products at once.

What is BoomLoop? – This is Ag Leader’s product recirculation system. With BoomLoop, continuously circulating product through your sprayer greatly reduces tank contamination, misapplication, and concentrated product that can damage crops

As you can see, Ag Leader’s application product line is very scalable, and your FCS Precision Ag Team can help turn your existing sprayer into one that’s advanced, efficient, and easy to operate.

Ag Leader’s RightSpot comes with other added benefits. Be sure to speak with a member our team if you want to learn more