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College career fair season is here!

Farmers Coop Society is currently looking for quality interns for summer 2023! Our goal is to find young professionals to grow our business and excel their personal careers. Beyond just this summer, FCS takes pride in developing a deep talent pool for the years to come. We have developed an intern experience that is designed with the intern in mind.

FCS internships are mutually beneficial in several ways. One of the most notable ways, is the number of interns that later become full time employees. The job market can be tough and confusing for young professionals, but through the internship process you can become part of our talent pool. What better way to display your skill set than through a summer internship?

Agriculture changes constantly with the seasons, with these changes come varying workloads. This allows for a unique opportunity for our interns. Farmers Coop Society interns have the chance to participate in necessary, daily functions. Interns get the chance to work alongside their boss and learn while in action.

Due to the scope of Farmers Coop Society, we are able to offer a unique internship experience. We can tailor your internship experience to your interests. We have the ability to let our interns shadow employees in multiple departments and learn from industry leaders. We intend for our interns to learn about the industry and be key players in the success of FCS.

If you are interest in learning more visit the career page on the FCS website!