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7 key agronomy decision areas

Next Level Soil Testing Technology to Better Understand Your Fields

New Soil Testing Offering for 2024

TraceCOMPLETE from Trace Genomics and FCS is a new soil testing option for 2024 that combines soil analysis with hi-definition genomic sequencing. This soil sample provides a deeper look into your living soil biome and can drive agronomic action in 7 key decision area.

Pathogen Management

The Seed Solution Guide gives a detailed evaluation of 225+ pathogens covering more than 70 crop types. National and regional benchmarks provide context to allow for meaningful understanding of pathogen levels in your fields.

  • Seed Selection
  • Seed Treatment
  • In-Season Disease Management
Seed Solution Guide
Trace Genomics Seed Solution Guide

Nutrient Management

TracePHOS™ and TraceN™ are the diagnostic tools that assist with your nitrogen and phosphorus management decisions. Both help optimize biological performance and nutrient management by identifying which fields are saturated or deficient and allow you to make input decisions based on the unique conditions found in your fields. 

  • Phosphorus Fertilizers
  • Phosphorus Liberating Agents
  • Biologicals
  • Nitrogen Stabilizers

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Trace Phos Phosphorous
Example of TracePhos Report

What Can I Do With TraceCOMPLETE Results?

TraceCOMPLETE helps to uncover the answers of where to place inputs to maximize ROI. Providing a deeper look into corn rootworm, soybean cyst nematode, or even Tar Spot pressures along with assisting on placement of biological or phosphorus liberating agents, TraceCOMPLETE takes you to the next step of understanding your soils and their individual needs. 

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