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Just a reminder of manure application separation distances. ALL manure that is surface applied, whether liquid or dry, from any farm, regardless of size, must maintain a 200’ separation distance from any creek or river. To be able to apply right up to the creek, manure must be incorporated on day of application if dry manure, and within 24 hrs if liquid manure.

Here is a quick refresher on other winter manure application regulations:

Confinement feeding operations with more than 500 AU cannot apply liquid manure on snow covered ground from December 21 to April 1 or on frozen ground from February 1 to April 1. If these conditions do not exist, application is permitted.

These regulations do not apply to manure from open feedlots, dry manure, and liquid manure from confinements with less than 500 AU. If you are permitted to winter apply, be sure you do follow all required separation distances.

Separation distances from residences for liquid applied from confinement buildings – 750’ for surface applied manure. 0’ if injected.

If you have any questions regarding these topics, or any other nutrient management questions, please feel free to give me a call – 712-441-1352