Y-Drop Nitrogen Available

Hagie High Clearance Liquid Machines with 360 Y-Drops Feature: 

  • High clearance machine with the ability to go through full size corn
  • 360 Y Drop nozzles that apply the liquid Nitrogen along the base of the corn plant
  • OptRx Crop active field sensors that can measure the greenness of the plant and apply Nitrogen according to plant needs.
  • The ability to apply flat rate, variable rate, or OptRx Crop sensors

Products include 32% liquid Nitrogen along with Instinct II or Agrotain Ultra

If you would like to schedule your application or have questions on sidedress Nitrogen contact your local FCS agronomist. 

South Dakota and Surrounding Areas: Aric Den Herder: 712-441-5022

Ireton and Surrounding Areas: Mike Tiedeman: 712-441-7046 

Sioux Center and Surrounding Areas: Mark De Kam: 712-441-2123 or Paul Brentlinger: 712-441-0065 or Josh Plueger: 712-720-9831

Boyden and Surrounding Areas: Jesse Evans: 712-360-1341

Ritter/Sheldon and Surrounding Areas: Ryan Dobbins: 712-348-1975

Sanborn and Surrounding Areas: Ben Van Beek: 712-348-5253 

Melvin and Surrounding Areas: Jerry Stessman: 712-348-1383

Minnesota/Little Rock and Surrounding Areas: Shane Kleinwolterink: 712-441-5346

Site Specific Ag Team: Kevin Rozenboom: 712-441-3453 or Cody Van Drie: 712-348-4064 or Scott De Jong: 712-229-2968