Seed Week Winners 2021


Craig Hoftyzer, of the Boyden area, won the grand prize of $37374.26 worth ... Read More

USDA Crop Progress Report 8/16/21

Agronomy, Grain

Warren Drew from Farmers Coop Society gives us a recap of this week's ... Read More

USDA Crop Progress Report 8/9/21

Agronomy, Grain

A bit of a surprise in this report with a Bearish tint to it. Braden ... Read More

USDA Crop Progress Report 8/2/21

Agronomy, Grain

Bullish report for Iowa's 2021 Corn Crop. Warren Drew from Farmers Coop ... Read More

Want 0% Interest on Fungicides?

Agronomy, Grain

FCS is once again offering 0% interest delayed beginning until January ... Read More

Fungicides are Designed to Help During Crop Stress

Agronomy, Grain

Fungicides that contain additional plant health components such as ... Read More

USDA Stocks & Acreages Report 6/30/21

Agronomy, Grain

The annual June 30th Stocks and Acreage Report came out! Historically this ... Read More

Grain Contracts Completed Anytime - Anywhere!

Agronomy, Grain

Want to get a contract completed quickly? Need to capitalize on the grain ... Read More

Innovative Solutions for High Yield Crops

FCS is always looking for ways to continuously improve our innovation and ... Read More

Tailgate Talks: Mid-Season Insecticides

Agronomy, Grain

Aric and Tyson are back together and they are talking mid-season ... Read More